Genie: A Scientific Tragedy por Russ Rymer

Titulo del libro : Genie: A Scientific Tragedy
Autor : Russ Rymer
ISBN : 0060924659

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Genie: A Scientific Tragedy por Russ Rymer

Russ Rymer con Genie: A Scientific Tragedy

Genie From an acclaimed article in The New Yorker comes the true story of a young woman rescued from a childhood of epic abuse. Having spent her early years strapped to a chair, Genie, when discovered, had to begin her new life with the rudiments--how to walk, talk, even chew--and provided scientists with insight into a deeper mystery: what it means to be human. Full description

"Russ Rymer, in the process of telling the poignant story of one desperately unfortunate little girl, raises profound questions about both the origins of language and the ultimate source of what we call 'human nature.' At once a scientific detective story and an examination of professional ethics, "Genie" is disturbing, enlightening, and impossible to forget." -- Michael Dorris, author of "The Broken Cord""A child deprived of her birthright of love...and then almost rescued: out of that 'almost' comes this remarkable story of dedication impeded by personal squabbles and the research bureaucracy."-- Roger Shattuck, author of "The Forbidden Experiment""Topical books by journalists rarely afford the reading pleasures of "Genie: " high drama, intellectual and philosophical substance, and vivid, poetic reportage...brilliant."-- Richard Higgins, "Boston"

From the Back Cover
The compelling story of a young woman's emergence into the world after spending her first 13 years strapped to a chair, and her rescue and exploitation by scientists hoping to gain new insight into language acquisition.

Russ Rymer is a journalist who has written for The New Yorker, Harper's, and the New York Times. His first book, Genie, was nominated for the National Book Critics Circle Award. He lives in Los Angles.