Money People Politics por Marco Grob

Titulo del libro : Money People Politics
Autor : Marco Grob
ISBN : 3832795405

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Money People Politics por Marco Grob

Marco Grob con Money People Politics

Spanning over a decade of his portrait work, showing some of the most dynamic, influential, and controversial figures in modern politics, popular culture, sports, entertainment, technology, science, space travel, and global culture, Money People Politics is an electrifying retrospective from renowned contemporary photographer, Marco Grob. Whether a candid moment of vulnerability, raw emotion, or the direct unadulterated gaze, Grob's portraits are uniquely ennobling, but ultimately human. Through his autonomous and intimate photographic process with each special personality that has impacted and shaped recent culture, the photographer has been granted a rare and privileged front row seat to history. Wholly passionate and committed to his craft that began as a beloved hobby over 30 years ago, Marco Grob believes that when you carry a camera, you carry a responsibility.

Whether it's Hillary Clinton's fearless leader stance, Steve Jobs' subtle smile or Lady Gaga posing in a sparkling bra with cherry lips to match, there's one question TIME contract photographer Marco Grob poses in his upcoming book Money People Politics. "Why do we have the face we have?" he tells TIME. "And what happened in our lives that we carry them the way we do? And what are the motives for people of power? Why do they want the power?"

Money, People, Politics, Grob's new book, features years of portraits of celebrities, politicians, innovators, and social justice figures, many which have appeared in TIME. Grob's portraits showcase aspects of his subject's characteristics. The seemingly stiff Ted Cruz, for instance, displays signs of life in a portrait where his cowboy boots introduces the viewer to a more relaxed side of the politician. Grob uses simple lighting techniques, including hand-held lights, and his intuition to optimize the time he has with his subjects. "I really do three or four frames and I move on," he says.

Money, People, Politics is, in a way, Grob's magnum opus of his work since he left his native Switzerland more than a decade ago and veered away from his roots as a still-life photographer. "It was difficult," he says of his decision to leave. "I consider it one of the most exciting and incredible times of my life, that's for sure. Because I knew, even though it was difficult, I was on the way to what I really wanted to do."

Grob hopes Money, People, Politics will allow people to take a glimpse inside his head. "It's my view on the world," he says. "I would like to take people along on that trip, on that crazy journey. And understand why I'm interested in human faces beyond genetics."

Bianca Silva,, November 29th 2016

Born in Olten, Switzerland, Marco Grob worked for 20 years as a still life photographer before deciding to focus entirely on people and portrait photography in 2003. In addition to successful commercial work in the film and advertising industries, Marco's work appears regularly in magazines like TIME , GQ , VOGUE, ESQUIRE, THE NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE, WIRED and NEW YORK MAGAZINE. His work has earned him numerous awards throughout his career, including an Emmy Award and a prestigious Hasselblad Masters Award in 2007. Mr. Grob lives in New York, but follows his work around the world.