The Smart Putter Pack (English Edition) por Mike Southern

Titulo del libro : The Smart Putter Pack (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : May 18, 2017
Autor : Mike Southern
Número de páginas : 156
Editor : Defiant Publishing LLC

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The Smart Putter Pack (English Edition) por Mike Southern

Mike Southern con The Smart Putter Pack (English Edition)

When Mike Southern first developed the Quick Guides, his goal was to provide short, complete lessons on a single subject that anyone could afford. And his readers responded, usually buying more than one of the titles with each purchase.

Now, based on his readers' feedback, he has created "packs" that combine two complementary Quick Guides, based on some of the most frequently purchased combos, at an even greater savings over the individual book prices.

The Smart Putter Pack begins with "The Putt Whisperer." While Mike recommends his original book Ruthless Putting for most players, "The Putt Whisperer" was written for players changing over from anchored putters. Its technical explanation of putting mechanics is for players building a stroke from scratch.

Paired with it is "Think Like a Golfer," his unique introduction to the mental game. The language of sports psychology is the language of religion, and in this book Mike strips away the theology to teach you how to build true self-belief and trust in your swing.

The Smart Putter Pack will teach you how to build a brand new putting stroke from scratch, and how to gain the mental confidence to use that stroke effectively.