Are you ready to earn more money from your own vintage clothing auctions? Wish to get noticed in a sea of competition? Avoid some common money draining blunders by following these 7 Pro seller suggestions.

Follow the Leader

Know what is hot, and what is working for leading sellers. Use whichever methods you already enjoy to remain current on retro clothing styles.

This season it could be 1990 flower rompers, but next season it might be 70s stovepipe jeans. Remain current, and give buyers what they need by stocking the most fashionable vintage clothes.

Which of their things sell for mind blowing amounts? How are their pictures or titles different from yours? How are they presenting themselves / what is their brand? Aim to learn insights as opposed to copy anybody. Find what works and customize that to your very own brand.

As a vendor, it’s your job to employ your customer’s emotions to assist them get excited about your clothes. Whenever you really understand this, your sales will increase.

Use bold, illustrative, and conversational text in your auctions. Paint Word pictures to carry your customers out of their computer screens directly into your clothing.

What will it be want to wear that beautiful mint condition 70s Boho dress? How will they feel?

How will the world react to them? What celebrities or movies / TV shows have been rocking that look? What types of clothing and accessories could actually compliment the outfit? Write as though you had been telling your best girlfriend about your latest thrift score.

Devil’s in the Details

Additionally to bold, descriptive, and conversational text, you should then add clear details. Below that effusive, emotion wrangling text, put in a bulleted list with the information on your clothing.

Add as several determining functions as possible including, but not limited to: marked size, dimensions for bust, waist, hips, and duration, material content, information about trims and closures, and any flaws.

Tempting Titles and Sexy Subtitles: After you have written your auction copy, it is time to create a title subtitle combo which will grab your clients by the collar and practically scream Stop what you are doing.

This auction may change your life! You only possess a couple of seconds to grab the attention of potential buyers, and that is where you make the kill. Title – This is mainly a summary of the item and isn’t too flashy. Use either Vintage or Vtg, the decade, short description of the item with 3 keywords, and size. Vtg 60s Mod GOLD Ethnic Print BOHO MINI Dress S/M Subtitle – Here’s where you get creative and use some more keywords.

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